Get a debit card.
No SSN required.

Open your account using your Passport, Matricula Consular, ITIN, or U.S. Visa, and more options.

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Spend in store or online

Use your card everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, in store or online, including Amazon, Uber, Netflix, car rentals, and hotels. You can even spend abroad with no foreign transaction fees.

Get cash anytime,

Withdraw cash from your Passbook account by getting cash back when you pay with your Passbook Visa® card at most major retailers, grocery stores, and drug stores.

Or, get cash from 2 million ATMs worldwide. Pay zero fees when withdrawing from ATMs in the Visa Plus® Alliance network.1

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No overdraft surprises

Traditional banks charge up to $35 for overdrafts. Because you can’t overdraft your Passbook account, you never have to worry about overdraft fees.

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No foreign
transaction fees

Use your Passbook Visa debit card when traveling abroad, with no foreign transaction fees.

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Personalize your card

Make the Passbook Visa card uniquely yours. Choose your flag design and preferred name.

Contactless Payments

Skip the swipe. Make contactless payments with tap-to-pay technology, Apple Pay® and Android Pay®.

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Peace of mind

Avoid unwanted surprises. Visa's Zero Liability Policy2 guarantees that you won't be held responsible for unauthorized charges.

We're always a call away

Customer service support available in English and Spanish.

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